Mosquito Preventer with Zero hatch technology

We all adopt varied methods at home to get rid of mosquitoes menace. With the usual mosquito repellents available in the market we can keep them at bay when we are indoors but the problem is too complicated to handle when we sit outdoors. Controlling mosquitoes in the outdoors is an uphill task as they are in open air and free to move anywhere as they have enough room to survive and attack us. The usual ways to zap them like fogging, spraying insecticides can solve the problem to some extent but are dangerous for our health as we are prone to inhale some poisonous vapors during the process.

Therefore, we have Green Strike with a feature called Zero-hatch technology that can destroy eggs of mosquitoes and prevent them from multiplying further. In order to have a healthy life in a chosen environment, it is ideal to have green-strike.

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