Molekule Air Filter Destroys Tiny Pollutants

Molekule Air Purifier uses an award winning technology and had been cited as one of the greatest home innovations of the year.

Dr. Yogi Goswami, came up with the PECO technology, in order to provide his son with a better air quality indoors which would help his son to reduce his allergy related asthma attack. Later his kids toiled on his technology and came up with Molekule. It is one of its kind air purifier that destroys the pollutants on a molecular level.

How is it better than other purifiers?

The UV Light Air purifiers that are available in the market can only disinfect the surfaces and not very effective in destroying the pollutants.

Molekule uses light activated nano particles that would completely destroy any organic compounds. It works on all the pollutants regardless of its size.

It not only collects the pollutants from the air but completely destroys it and it doesn’t produce ozone.

HEPA filters cannot remove the pollutants which are smaller than 0.3 microns. Mold and Bacteria will thrive on HEPA filters, thus, not making it an effective air purifier.

How it works?

It has two filtration layers:-

A)      Pre Filter Layer: It removes dust, pollen and dander. It handles larger pollutants.

B)      Light Based Nano Filter: It removes all the much smaller particles. The UVA Wavelength LED light starts a chemical reaction that breaks down mold, bacteria, etc. thus fully eradicating the pollutants.

This single device can handle 600 sq. ft room air quality once in every hour. The sensors inside the device monitor the filters health, so you can be updated on when to change your filter. The device is cylindrical shaped measuring 23 inches height and 8.25 inches diameter with a leather handle, for the convenience to carry.

So, if you would like to gift your loved ones with the freshness of the air and healthier life, gift them Molekule Air Purifier.

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