Moen Flo by Moen Smart Water Shut Off – The Product Review

Any residential or commercial building or home needs proper plumbing. The plumbing system runs throughout the building to provide water supply to the building. The plumbing system is usually a series of pipes that run throughout the household and are linked to the water supply in the area. One of the major problems faced by any building’s water supply and plumbing system is leakages which can destroy walls, ceilings, floorings in building and it is important to know if there is a leak in any plumbing system. Moen Flo by Moen Smart is a water leakage detection system and the following is the review of this product:

Review of Moen Flo by Moen Smart – Smart Water Shut Off System

Pros of the Water Leakage Detector Product

This is a product that is compact and can be easily attached to the plumbing system of the household and detects even a small drop of water leaking per minute. It gives 24/7 protection and shuts off the water supply even when it detects a small leakage anywhere in the household making it a complete protection system against the entire household. It requires a standard AC/DC connection for power supply and once a leak is detected it performs automatic shutoff and can shut down the entire plumbing system remotely. All the items necessary for installation are available in the box but it is a good idea to get professionals to install this device.

App Dashboard

It is linked to a mobile device with an app and performs daily tests of the plumbing system to detect leaks. It also tells the user how much water is consumed daily helping water conservation efforts. It has live chat support on the app and also comes with regular data analytics. It is compatible with Alexa Skills, Google Assistant, and IFTTT and users can get regular reports about the system on their phones. On the app, the users get data like water pressure, water temperature, reports about leaks, and flow rate of the water. A health test of the plumbing system can be initiated through the app so that homeowners can regularly get reports about the plumbing system in their homes.

This is an expensive device but the water damage that can destroy homes can be much more expensive in the long run. The main aim of this device is to detect leaks and shut down the plumbing system to cut off the water supply to save homes from water damage which it does effectively.

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