Modular Lighting System by Helios Touch

“You are the light of my Life “.

In a literal sense if I say, then welcome to the world of the touch-sensitive modular lighting system. Welcome to the world of Helios Touch. First of its kind, where your mere touch will light up your home.

James Vanderpant is the man behind this unique and appealing product, which was a part of the college graduate fair.

It is a hexagonal magnetic tile which turns off and on with a touch. Create your own illumination pattern. The magnetic edges of the tiles would connect together to create a pattern of your choice.

You can change the intensity and position as per your need.  You can create a design pattern of your choice to suit the need of your room. Easily mount on any surface and be creative. Illuminate the tiles of your choice, thus making an illumination pattern. Transform any surface into the canvas for illumination. Switch to the warmth of unique lighting concept, Switch to modular lighting system by Helios Touch.

Modular Lighting System

Product Information:-

Brand: Helios Touch

Item Weight: 939 g

Package Dimension: 20.4X 12.6X12.5 cm

Color: White

Batteries Required: No

Input Volts: 110/240 Volts

Voltage within the lights: 24 Volts

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