Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor

The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor, saves you precious resources, like time and money! We more often, use a desktop monitor, with our laptops, simultaneously for professional multi-tasking. Though it is a little inconvenient, in the beginning, we get accustomed over a period of time. Instead, if we think over an alternative of picking up a desktop monitor that takes up a lot of space, it’s better to get a more versatile tech solution that lets you work productively anywhere!!. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives your laptop a second screen, and it’s available for $179.35 with discount code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout. That’s a nice saving off its regular price of $249.99.

An unmitigated and consummate solution for enhancing productivity today and in the future (think coffee shops, business trips, etc.), is this ultra-portable laptop accessory. It’s incredibly convenient and amazingly flexible. The portable second screen, virtually, is compatible with almost any laptop, and is very much easy to use. Just attach it to the back of your laptop, slide the second screen in on either side of the computer, and connect the two with the included USB cable. In just three easy steps and a few moments later, you’re working with two screens.

Needless to say, this improves and empowers you not only to multitask but also to increase productivity, efficiency, and complete your tasks comfortably in deadlines. With a 1080p screen, the graphics are sharp and crystal clear on both the screens and to enhance your comfort with flexibility, the screen rotates 270 degrees so that you have access in any sitting position, that can be thought off. A built-in 180-degree presentation mode makes it effortless to present data and lead meetings with this amazing tech device. Your team members, clients, and partners can now be real-time engaged while being guided in and through the meeting with the help of the second screen.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives you a second screen for your laptop so that you can work productively anywhere. Get it on sale today for $179.35 with the discount code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout.

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