Milk Nanny – Smart Baby Formula Milk Maker

Newborn babies are delicate and require a lot of care and attention. With the technology getting smarter day by day, it is helping and supporting us in parenting.

To make perfect formula milk can be tedious, especially if your kid is crying and you have a lot of things to attend to at the same time. Then to boil, cool and mix take a toll on you.

Milk Nanny is a perfect gift for the newborns. It is a device that helps you to prepare the right formula milk at the right temperature and accurate consistency, without having to sweat or worry about the time.

It is a smart and versatile device maker that caters to all types of bottles. It is very fast and can give you the perfect bottle of formula milk in a few seconds.

The panel is not loaded with buttons, just one touch device and it ensures that your drink is ready in a few seconds thus making it a lot more convenient.

Milk Nanny comes with an app that scans the bar code on the powder container and it will sync all important information about the formula in its database.

As it comes with a self-cleaning feature, so that, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning it every time you prepare your formula milk. No more clumps, so your baby gets a fresh, smooth and clump-free milk every time.

Suction rubber feet ensure that it doesn’t topple and airtight formula storage tank, which holds formula to make twelve 8 ounce bottles. It has a removable water tank which is easy to remove and clean. BPA free and uses DUV Sterilization.

Removable components help you to remove and clean it. High-Quality material is used to ensure the safety of babies’ health.

Perfect gift for newborn…What are you waiting for…BUY NOW

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