Microsoft releases the Ultimate Laptop

Microsoft has been releasing a suite of products that are all set to change the game in the world of PCs. Just weeks ago I wrote how the Microsoft Surface tablet is making it easier for professionals to transfer, access, edit and store their Word documents, presentations, and even images.

Now it has unveiled Surface Book, it’s latest and ‘ultimate laptop’. As per the release ‘This innovative and stunningly crafted laptop is a creative powerhouse, designed to adapt to the way you work – with touch, a Pen, or a mouse.’ Of course, where will you find a laptop that also serves as a portable clipboard and creative canvas?

I am glad the software giant is finally getting its act together with laptops and tablets and is doing a great job indeed against its closest competitors.

I would buy Microsoft laptop against an Apple device any day. I am glad I did.

See the release Here

Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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