Microsoft Hololens

Augmented reality is the future but the headset has not been exploited to the maximum in the headset form. It is the interactive reality-based display of the environment that elevates the user’s real-world experience. It helps the users to visualize the products by superimposing the real world with digital information or media.

Microsoft has come up with the Hololens which is a head-mounted display device that gives user 3D holographic images as if they are a part of your surroundings. It is a mixed reality headset where the user can open apps and games. The Hololens Box comes with a Bluetooth Clicker and Microsoft Hololens. The Bluetooth clicker helps you to capture your motions instead of gesturing with your hand. The Hololens casing is hard and sturdy and contains the hololens and all its accessories. 

The accessories contain a manual about how to use the Hololens and how to make yourself comfortable along with with that a soft black cloth, provided for cleaning. It also comes with a USB cable for charging, an adapter, nose pad and an over-head strap which is used for comfortability while wearing the Microsoft Hololens.  And last but not least the casing contains the Hololens headset.

The Hololens headset adjusting wheel adjusts the inner headband according to your comfortability. Microsoft Hololens comes with a speaker, volume on the top, brightness at the bottom. There is also a power button, micro USB slot and also a headphone jack. The headset is comfier and can just slide through like a baseball cap. The field of view is bigger which is a lot better.

The field of view for Hololens is slightly bigger and wider as compared to the rest of the VR headsets. It is much lighter than the other headsets. It is costlier compared to the rest of the headsets. It is priced at $3000. So, if you have the money and purpose then this wireless independent headset is a perfect device to go for.

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