Micro Lazy Luggage: A Smart Travel Companion

Are you going on vacation with your kids? Are you tensed thinking of how will you carry your luggage and manage your fussy kids at the same time…then probably I can help you out and provide you a solution in the form of a smart, sleek, and compact carry-on luggage – Micro Lazy Luggage for your next vacation.

I know that your luggage depends on your personal choice be it your style, design, color preferences, or your personal needs, however I bet you would not try anything else once you have tried Micro Lazy luggage which is just a perfect, practical travel gadget when you are travelling with your attention-seeking kids or toddlers. This gadget converts from a trolley to a vehicle instantly which can be used by your little one to ride on….it comes with extendable wheel legs and a fold-out seat that allows you to carry your kid with utmost ease…isn’t it great to have such a smart travel companion who takes care of your kids and makes you feel relaxed. Another feature of this gadget is 18 liter storage compartment for packing clothes, 5 additional pockets and a padded tablet sleeve which keeps your stuff organized.

The Micro lazy luggage can be used just as a trolley if you are travelling without kids, however when with kids, your kids can ride on it while you pull it with one hand. Your luggage can also be stored nicely at one place….how comfortable that sounds!! a piece of luggage which can literally takes away all the stress away of travelling with kids, family…yay!

You can keep your strollers, buggies, at home and just travel like a breeze with this Lazy Luggage. I assure you that you would forget all your worries, fatigues, hassles, which travel gives you most of the time. You can become a happy traveller, spending each moment of your travel at the airport with immense joy and reach your destination comfortably!  

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