Methods to boost your immune system against Coronavirus

The Evil storm of Corona Virus is hovering all around the world causing more than 2800 deaths and 83000 infections till date. The Virus affected 61 countries yet and the number may increase in the future.

About Coronavirus-

Coronavirus is not a single virus but a family of viruses. Viruses like SAARS, MERS also belong to Family Corona Virus. The new virus which is spreading riotously is a new type discovered in Corona Virus Family named as ‘A novel Corona Virus (nCov/Covid-19)’.


Wuhan city, China is considered as an epicenter for the coronavirus spreading. The fish market in the city is believed to be the origin of the virus and according to experts, the virus is conveyed to humans from either bats or snakes.

Symptoms of Corona Virus infection-

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Difficulties in breathing

severe cases Coronavirus can cause pneumonia, kidney failure or even death. symptoms resemblance to general flu symptoms Hence Corona Virus can only be confirmed by laboratory blood testing.

How to combat the Coronavirus by using different medication treatment?

Corona Virus is a highly contagious disease. According to WHO research The Virus is transferred from one human to another if the distance between them is less than one meter.

1. Avoid closed spacing and group meetings.
distance between two humans should not be less than one meter, a gathering of a large number of people should be avoided. The closed spacing of people increases the chances of infection.

2. Wear a mask
The mask reduces the probability of infection of Corona Virus up to a certain extent. Mask protects by stopping droplets to convey from one person to another while coughing and sneezing.

3. Washing hands regularly
The hand is touched everywhere. If the hand is touched at the infected area and again retouched at nose or mouth then the probability of infection increases to a large extent. Therefore, it is advised to wash hands regularly by alcohol-based soap or handwash.

4. Proper disposal of mask
Proper disposal of the mask should be done to avoid a further outbreak of the virus.     Mask should be disposed of in a closed bin and further disposal procedure should be performed. Maintaining cleanliness at living and working spaces can reduce the chances of infections.

1. Allopathy Treatment-

Though there is no firm anti-virus drug or vaccine available, many vaccines are into a pipeline and expected to be ready for clinical trials at the end of April. Many NGOs and pharmaceutical giants are trying to discover vaccines for coronavirus infection.

Current allopathic treatment is symptoms relieving and experimental.

i. Brilacidin
Pharmaceutical discovered that Brilacidin has shown antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a drug in anti-virus treatment.

ii. Protease inhibitors
Inhibitors like lopinavir, ritonavir were found useful against SARS coronavirus. It can be used under experimental treatment for the Covid-19 virus.

iii. Pain relievers and cough syrups
Relievers and cough syrups can be used under symptom treatment. A fluid diet and adequate rest are advised for an infected person.

2. Ayurvedic Treatment-

Ministry of Indian Government, AYUSH has suggested alternative treatment for coronavirus infection. AYUSH claimed that ancient treatment methods like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Unani will found effective to combat against the Coronavirus. Indian government got criticism for suggesting alternative medication like Ayurveda and Homeopathy from medical experts.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

i. Drink Shadang Paniya powder
Shadang powder is an excellent medicine suggested by AYUSH, ministry of the Indian government. Shadang powder should be mixed with water thoroughly and consumed.

ii. Agasthya harityaki
Harityaki is used for respiratory problems in ayurvedic treatment. 5 grams of Agasthya harityaki should be consumed with warm water. As the Coronavirus causes respiratory problems it can found helpful to combat against Coronavirus.

iii. Cow Urine and Tulsi Leaves
Cow urine and Tulsi leaves were found helpful in all types of flu treatment. According to research, it has been found that cow urine is helpful to battle against cancer too.

3. Homeopathy Treatment-

Homeopathy is another alternative medication treatment suggested by AYUSH, the ministry of the Indian government. The treatment suggested is the mainly preventive treatment of Coronavirus infection.

Homeopathy treatment-

i. Arsenicum album 30c
Album 30c is a drug that is recommended by Dr Riaz from jersey city BNC, from arsenic which acts as prophylactic medicine against the coronavirus. It should be consumed for consecutive three days on an empty stomach. Arsenicum album 30c was found most effective for reducing fever, cough and runny nose in most of the virus diseases.

ii. Sesame oil
Drops of sesame oil in each nostril every morning is an excellent preventive measure for infection of the coronavirus. Besides, drops can add to a handkerchief, tissue, and mask.

Although there are claims of alternative treatment like Ayurveda and Homeopathy to cure Coronavirus, there is no firm conclusion yet. As of now, there is no vaccine in allopathy also to cure or prevent the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In the past when the outbreak of SARS happened a whooping period of 20 months elapsed to discover vaccines to cure SARS. Many nations and their institutions are trying hard to make a vaccine to cure or prevent this dangerous new coronavirus that is Covid-19.

Economic Disaster occurred due to Coronavirus-

Coronavirus is affecting harshly to the economy of not only china but economies in the world. According to the report, China may suffer a 6 billion dollar ($6) economical loss and the GDP of china can reduce up to 1.5 percent. Sensex of the Indian share market fell over 1448 points due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the globe wiping out investor wealth of nearly 5.5 lakh crore in a day. Many billionaires faced record-breaking loss in their wealth. Many Economics say that the situation can be the start of a global recession once again.

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