Mercedes-Benz- World’s First Self-Driving Public Bus

Technology is truly a marvelous thing that has happened to mankind. Now, we are always surrounded by technology and we are using it in our day to day life. Inquest for more we are pushing our boundaries and trying to go beyond. Technology lets us see beyond, think beyond and enables us to do things which can never be perceived. This article is on one such technology which has blended with reality – “Future Bus by Mercedes Benz”. The spectacular thing about this Mercedes Future Bus is autonomous driving.

It is all about autonomous transportation that we till now have only seen in Mission Impossible or Terminator….But this kind of transportation is being made a reality with the masses with the help of Future Bus. Last year, the Future Bus drove from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to Haarlem which is a little outside Amsterdam. The bus had to take the route which included tunnels, traffic lights and required to navigate around the people.

The bus driver is passive but he controls the system and anytime he can override the system. So, safety is taken care of. It is very safe and comfortable. The steering wheel turns in and can go around the corners. Whenever it closes on near the next bus, stop it will automatically stop. The camera system and the radar system would check if anyone suddenly steps on to the bus route, the bus stops. There are more than 15 cameras for safety.

The bus automatically stops at the traffic lights and would start when the go signal comes on. So, it obeys the traffic rules more than the humans do 😊  The autonomous brake system would stop the bus if it detects any kind of obstacles like a pedestrian or vehicle crossing the road to avoid collision. At the bus stops the door will automatically open and close for the passengers to board or deboard the bus.

The inside of the bus is equally breath taking. It is divided into 3 zones:-

  1. Service Zone at the front
  2. Express Zone in the middle
  3. Lounge Zone at the back

You can charge wirelessly on the bus. It surely is the bus of the future- efficient and safe.

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