Mercedes-Benz unveils an Avatar-themed concept car with scales

Mercedes Benz is one brand which was launched keeping in mind three things – luxury, class and excellence. The progressive thought process always made them to keep reinventing their brand and to be one step ahead of the rest. Over the years, they have carved a niche for themselves and have been able to gain a lot of popularity among the masses.

Mercedes comes with a price tag but it has managed to garner lot of reputation and popularity that this tag is nothing in compared to it. Ever since they have launched their line of cars they have been symbolic of cutting edge technology that covers each and every part of the car. They stand out in terms of looks, technology and futuristic approach that their cars embody. They symbolize exclusivity and class.

This year too they have launched Mercedes – Benz AVTR has been conceptualized based on the James Cameroon movie Avatar. It is something that only can be unveiled in Consumer Electronics Show where you get to experience creativity and technology intertwined together. This CES 2020 is no different from the rest and when we talk of futuristic approach Mercedes Benz has topped the chart.

The outlandish appearance and the holistic approach that has been integrated into it to combine the car’s interior and exterior as a whole and to give an overall wholesome experience to the consumer. It in itself is a very futuristic approach that has directly been taken out from the Avatar movie…futuristic and stylish both. The full name is Advanced Vehicle Transformation (AVTR) and as name suggests this has been taken from James Cameroon movie and he has also actively participated in the design of the car.

This concept car embodies the company’s vision of style with futuristic features. It is made on several inspirations drawn from various fields. The back of the car has 33 bionic flaps, which resembles some reptile. These bionic flaps are movable and multi directional and it communicates with the driver and the outside world through the driver. It has taken inspiration from the crab movement and due to this it can move sideways approximately 30 degrees. It comes with several unique features which surely make it stand out from the rest of the cars like biometric connection, sideways movement; interior and exterior merge, etc.

Mercedes-Benz has kept up with its’ commitment of reducing carbon foot print and has come up with revolutionary battery technology. It has eliminated the use of metals from its battery. It uses graphene based organic battery that is fully recyclable. So, the materials of the battery are entirely recyclable and compostable, thus it keeps up with the commitment it has taken towards conserving of the climate. Also, it comes with quick charging via automated, conductive charging technology.

This car is truly futuristic in the sense nothing conventional about it….it doesn’t come with any handles or conventional steering wheel. It comes with oval shaped controller through which the driver interacts….truly futuristic and autonomous in real sense. Through this car Mercedes-Benz has tried to establish a relationship between the car and the person. Once you place your hand on the console it would recognize your heart beat and pulse rate. The interior of the car is made of recyclable materials. Because of the biometric connection that is an integral part of it, the car can also sense your breathing; thus making that connection between the driver and the car. With technology, Mercedes has tried to establish the bind between the human and car. The seats are designed in hammock like structure keeping in mind the comfort and luxury that comes with Mercedes.

Well, one last thing that I would like to say before I stop mentioning any more futuristic features is that, this is a show car which means it is meant to tease your imagination and in reality, it is not getting launched in near future. Through this; Mercedes has made a statement that these all can be incorporated and can be looked forward to in futuristic cars and it can happen in a car like AVTR.

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