Medios Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

An electronic health record (EHR) is a systematic collection of electronic health information about an individual patient or population. This system is designed to represent data that accurately captures the state of the patient at all times.

IOS Health Systems, a US based company offers the industry’s most innovative cloud-based software platforms for healthcare providers including the ONC-ACB 2014 Certified Medios EHR, that offers a revolutionary approach breaking away from out-dated EHR models and is 100% Web based offering secure access to patient data from home, hospital, or office without prior installation or setup.

Medios is the only EHR that offers seven different innovative ways to document and provides a visually oriented interface built for the average user with little technical experience. It connects physicians with labs, hospitals, medical devices, multiple insurers , nd pharmacies. Most importantly, Medios is backed by a superior service and support model.

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