MediaTek Comes With Proper Functionality Of 1000 AI Camera

Last November, MediaTek has come up with a whole new 5G new chip series in a conference at Shenzhen. Moreover, it has come up with the first integrated 5G SoC-Dimensity 1000. 

Dimensity 1000 brings to you a 7nm process technology and it comes with 4 large crores along with 4 small designs. It is equipped with a 42.6 GHz A77 processor. If you compare it with earlier generations, the production is enhanced by 20%.  The small cores are available powered with  2.0GHz A55 cores. Along with this, it implements a 9 core Mali G77. 

MediaTek basically deals with the initialization of the Dimensity 100 AI camera. AS per the latest report, it comes with AI independent processor APU3.0 along with 5 core ISP architecture. This is amalgamated with the latest ImagiQ technology in order to provide AI NR noise reduction along with HDR dynamic quality. It also provides AI white balance, AI depth of field, alongwith some additional features of the camera.

Important Enhancements of Dimensity 1000 Camera

MediaTek has officially featured the powerful APU. The computation of AI to perform the real-time noise reduction alongwith the top-quality dynamic range can be done using Dimensity 1000 Camera. As a result, the captured picture looks brighter. Moreover, the intricate details of the backlight appear clearer. Ordinary cameras won’t find details of the picture at such a level of exposure. 

Dimensity 1000 comes with beautiful pictures which solely depends on the color tone. In the majority of the scenes, where the white balance and color casts are more vicious, Dimensity 1000 brings to you a color card-level correction. It helps you to find the present store as well as bringing the correct features using AI.

Multi-Frame Features- Handy Features for the Tech-Savvy People 

When it comes to videos, Dimesnity 1000 is compatible with multi-framed fusion 4K HDR video functionality. It is built with three frames under various categories to provide a higher quality dynamic range. Moreover, it features a real-time superior quality image fusion feature to obtain a 4K video that goes with the 60fps quality. So, you can easily get your hands with this camera to make your snap adorable in the long run.

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