Makey-Makey Go Educational Technology on the Go

There has been a radical transformation in society with the evolution of technology. Now with every passing year, technological advancements are progressing by leaps and bounds. The digital advancement reshaped the way we look at the world now. We in this era are trying to combine unique ideas, objects, and processes and trying to come up with something very out of the box.

Makey Makey Go is one such device that has been invented for the kids or people who feel invention doesn’t have any age or time. It can strike any time, the idea can just pop up in your mind anywhere. The main objective of Makey Makey Go is to convert the world into a giant construction kit. Ideas never come with time and place, they can strike you anywhere anytime and you need to be prepared to capture. Makey Makey Go gives you that ground to capture your thoughts and turn them into reality anytime, anywhere.

The size is so small that you can carry it with yourself anywhere, all the time!! It can fit into bracelet, bookbag, keychain or earring.

How it Works:-

  1. Plug Makey Makey Go into the USB Port of the laptop
  2. Connect the object with the Makey Makey Go board with the Alligator Clip
  3. When you touch the object the Makey Makey Go sends a message to any targeted computer.

It works with almost any material that conducts a little bit of electricity. Example: Leaves, aluminum foil, cars, running garden hose, silverware, milk, wet things, things with life, metallic things, graphite, play dough, kitchen sinks, etc. What are you waiting for, BUY NOW!!

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