Magdoc Charger All-in-One Wireless Charging Dock Inbuilt with Power Bank

In this era of smartphones and smart devices, nothing is smart until they have the juice in them. So along with these smart devices are these chargers which equally are important to run the devices, without them nothing is smart  J . It is considered as a lifeline for any gadget and proper chargers are very much essential to keep your gadgets alive without which you are lost and helpless.

This Magdoc All in One Charger makes sure all your devices are well juiced up all the time so that you never get isolated from the world. It is a wireless charging station for your smartphone, smartwatch and your wireless earbuds. This All in One Charger comes with an IoT enabled Smart Power Bank and a Zip and Go Travel Kit. This device can charge 3 devices all at one time. It comes with a convenient stand for all the devices and no messy wires.

The unique feature of this Magdoc Charger is the “Top”. The top of the charger can be twisted and you can adjust it to your viewing angle and also charge simultaneously. The magnets of Magdoc helps to secure the devices in place so there is no chance of tripping or falling over. You can charge up to 3 devices at a time without having to worry about the cords.

It is very lightweight and weighs just 377g. It is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Other Qi-compatible devices and Apple watch series. The strong magnets that are embedded align itself and tightly secures the devices so that it continuously charges the device without getting interrupted. It has an inbuilt 7800mAh battery. It is accompanied by a travel pouch for storing the Magdoc and its accessories. It also comes with an app that helps you to keep track of much charging is left, whether the device is charging or not. This app is available for Andriod and iOS. It is cost-effective and doesn’t pinch your pocket.

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