Lynqme – Long Range Tracker

Technology has become ubiquitous. We have over the years, become conditioned by the technology to a great extent, that now when we fathom the idea of technology less world; the mere thought makes us shudder. We have intertwined our lives with the technology, that we have technology govern us in every step. On one side, if we blame the technology of having an adverse effect on our lives, then on the other side it has opened its doors to a plethora of opportunities.

This device Lynqme, is one such example where the technology has played a major role in making you stay connected with the rest, even if you are not traceable via phone. It is a tracking device which keeps track of up to 12 people, even if there are no phones, wi-fi, network connectivity or map. On a single charge, the battery life is for 3 days. It has a broad range signal for up to 3 miles.

It is waterproof and weatherproof, so you can always stay in touch with your loved ones. Now, the first thing which would flood our minds, how we can benefit from this device if we plan to invest in it….

Very simple, it will help you to stay connected with your kids, you can also connect in crowds, you can locate wandering pets…so a perfect device to locate people anywhere, anytime…just synq, split and lynq as simple as that. It is integrated with daylight readable screen and mini USB for easy charging.

Buy one now, for the people whom you care.

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