LG Smart Ceiling Fan with LGThinQ for less hassle

LG Electronics has integrated technology with the appliance and has come out with a first-ever smart ceiling fan in India. Technology has never been so integrated into our daily lives like now. In each and every small device, technology has seeped in and we intentionally or unintentionally are becoming slaves to technology. Well, nothing bad about it because it gives us comfort and easy access.

Earlier to switch off and switch on, used to be a pain where we would be physically doing the same. But now-a-days, we just need to instruct and it would be controlled by words…how simple can it be…humans are now unleashing the power of technology in day-to-day activities and exploiting it to the maximum.

The smart ceiling fan by LG is one such creation where it is controlled by google assistant or Google Alexa. It also comes with the LGSmartThinQ app which will enable consumers to control the fan using a smartphone or tablet. It also is integrated with mosquito away technology that keeps the pesky mosquitoes at bay by emitting out ultrasonic sound waves. So, no need to worry about the buzzing sounds while you are asleep. LG smart ceiling fan ensures you have sound sleep day after day. It works on wi-fi and comes with a special sleeping mode where the uniquely designed blades ensure to keep the noise generation well under 49 dB.

It comes with features speed control and cloud controls. The speed control will control the speed of the fan depending on the change in the temperature. And cloud control helps you to control the fan from anywhere using a smartphone. Easy to dismantle and clean. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 16,990. But looking at the features I think it is worth a try. Get one immediately for you.

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