LG Rollable OLED TV

Technology is evolving day by day and so is our creativity. With technology comes innovation, a feeling to do something out-of-the-box which would eventually leave you speechless and enthralled.

Television has been our source for entertainment for decades. We have over the ages with the technical advancements have seen a lot of transformation taking place in how we see the idiot box. The metamorphosis of the television over the ages has now brought a whole new dimension to the way it looks. Our very perspective of television has changed. The transition is from a simple box of entertainment to a more classy, elegant touch which provides a subtle piece of art that also decorates your home. But this product is a step ahead. It is a distinctive way to prove that humans over the years are bent on merging imagination with reality. LG Rollable TV is a perfect example of fiction merging with reality.

Rollable TV?? Weird isn’t it…the mere thought of TV rolling inside the box is very unexplainable. Not everyone would like to see a big TV obstructing their view, but this product helps your TV to disappear when you don’t want and makes it appear when you want. It slowly will roll down into the base with the push of a button and can resurface within 10 seconds. It has one more mode called Line Mode where it would fold to one-fourth of its size. It also has some mood-setting sounds. They have added a Dolby Atmos Soundbar with virtual 5.1 surround sound. It is a 65 inch TV that will roll and disappear into the base station. This work of art comes at a price of $8000.

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