LG indoor gardening appliance lets you grow your own veggies at home

Plants play a very important role in our survival like water or air. They not only are a great source of Oxygen but also provide us food and shelter. We have in the past taken various callous approaches towards the environment, but now with the shift in the climatic conditions which has been aggravated with the deforestation or using of fertilizers, our mind sets have changed. We have understood the value of plants and trees in our life. We have understood the negativities of fertilizers and how this impacts our health.

Consumer Electronic Show is a platform where different companies launch unique, out of the box ideas which are for the betterment of human life and society as a whole. LG has come up with the idea of indoor gardening. They have developed this first of its kind indoor vegetable cultivator.

This indoor growing machine is attached to the side of the refrigerator. Here, it has the capability to grow 24 pre-packaged seeds under appropriate conditions. This unit has four shelves. In each shelve we can grow 6 seeds. The seed pod comes with fertilizer and peat moss. The integrated gardening system would water the trays automatically and it has LED lights which would give the appropriate amount of light and ensure proper growth of the plants and avoid wilting. This system is designed in such a way that it does not allow the growth of algae.

LG has claimed to provide 20 different seed pods to feed a family of 4. Some of these greens are Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, Basil, Chicory, etc. LG is yet to disclose the price for this high end garden device but keeping in mind the shift in eating habits where people are inclined towards Vegetarianism or Veganism, it is an ideal solution to all the problems. 

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