Lenovo Think Pad X1 Fold

These portable devices have surely come a very long way. From when it was first launched in the year 1975 according to Wikipedia to our present day the laptop has seen a lot of transformation in terms of appearance, storage, processing speed, etc. It is becoming smaller and faster. It has truly become dynamic in real sense.
Consumer Electronic Show is a platform where all those who dare to think differently; gather and showcase their stories in the form of innovations which are futuristic and out of the box. Laptops were the major centre for attraction in this CES2020. This year’s CES had a wide variety of laptops with unique features and ground breaking technology in folding screens. This folding business is getting better day by day.
Lenovo Think Pad X1 is the first ever foldable screen laptop. It is a fully functional laptop with OLED display. It boasts of features like durability, reliability and portability. It has a nice leather exterior and is made of lightweight alloys and carbon fibre. It is a lightweight device with resolution 2048 X 1536. It is touted as the laptop of the future providing you the luxury of laptop and smartphone, providing efficiency and portability.
This 13.3 inch pOLED comes with a price tag of $2,499. It would be launched this year and has the features of smartphone, tablet, laptop and phone. It has a USB-C port that would enable it to get connected to a secondary device like keyboard, mouse or secondary display. Battery life is also good and it makes you stay connected for 11 hours. It is powered by Intel Core Processors and Intel Hybrid Technology. It enables the user to connect using 5G, giving the users freedom to connect how so ever they want. It comes with Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard. It comes with umpteen number of features to look out for. It surely is a laptop to look out for this season.

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