LED 3D Moon Lamp Night Light

Sleep is very essential for the wellbeing of humans but if you have kids or you want that little light during your night time then this moon lamp is a perfect gift for yourself or for someone whom you care. It is economical and adds a relaxing soft glow to your bedroom.

This night lamp brings out the charm and novelty. The 3D effect gives a rugged surface impression thus giving the copy of the surface of the moon. It comes with remote control which will help you to control the brightness and adjust the color as per your choice. This is easy and simple to control.

It uses low voltage USB and LED bulbs, soft light to protect your eyes. It is environment friendly using PLA plastic which is non-toxic and durable. It can be used both as a night light or a piece of decoration, good for both.

It can be converted to 16 different colors with two modes remote control and touch. The range of remote control is 30 feet and there is a provision to change the colors too.


Light bulb: LED

Diameter: 4.8 inches

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Material: PLA

Working hours: 6-12 hours (depending on the brightness you choose)

A perfect gifting idea for your loved ones

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