Laughing Through Brain Surgery – Are You Serious?

We all know Brain surgery is a highly critical surgery….hey you must be thinking that I am real crazy to even mention about “laughing” during this procedure. No friends I am not joking…this has been studied by Neuroscientists at Emory School of Medicine in an epileptic patient who was undergoing surgery and cracked jokes and laughed during the procedure.

Now let me explain it to you how is that even possible!

The woman was undergoing open brain surgery for her epilepsy and she needed to stay awake so that doctors could talk to her. During this procedure, patients are highly prone to panicking and moving their heads in anxiety. So this time, the doctors tried the laughing therapy to keep the patient calm and under control. They stimulated the white matter tract in the brain called as Cingulum bundle. This caused immediate laughter with subsequent relief and happiness. She was making jokes and communicating with ease with the doctors during the operation. It is highly important for the surgeons to talk with their patients during surgery to assess their language skills to detect any surgery related problems.

The scientists have confirmed the beneficial effect of this kind of electrical stimulation in two other epileptic patients.

Also, the scientists did not find any evidence which suggests that stimulating a specific spot cause any major side effect except a delay in recall on a list-learning task.

Friends, isn’t it amazing to know such transformative ways which have so much potential to benefit epileptic patients.

I really feel a great sense of gratitude towards the Researchers for their life changing work!!

This study was published online on Dec. 27, 2018, in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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