Latest Updates on the suspension of Samsung, Vivo, OPPO Smartphone production in INDIA due to COVID-19

It’s again the news which is related to the Covid-19 and this time news is connected to the Smartphone manufacturing firms, with this pandemic forcing down the whole economies sector to stand closed till further decision. With numerous businesses are now closed, and various districts in India are under lockdown, now the effect of the virus’ outbreak has been felt by the Indian Smartphone manufacturing giants like Samsung, Vivo, and OPPO too, which in recent time seen to be the most significant players of the Smartphone industry has reportedly shut down the manufacturing for a few days.

All the Smartphone giant Vivo, OPPO, and Samsung have currently stopped its production at their manufacturing plant in Greater Noida due to the orders from the Indian government to a lockdown in the city to handle situations which raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Samsung Message

Samsung has recently stopped all its manufacturing production at its Noida factory until further notice. The earlier company had asked their operational and R&D department employees to work from home, but looking out the current condition, they have stopped all the operations.

  • Message from Vivo

If we talk about the Vivo, it has mandated their employees to work-from-home for the workers who are not related to the operational activities until further notice.

  • OPPO Message

When we talk about the message from the OPPO official, they have currently halted their operational activities at its Noida Plant until further notice. The said statement reads:


Most of the cities in India have been put on total lockdown from Monday onwards, whereas various states are forcing curfew only, allowing essential services to work, such as pharmacies and groceries. Earlier on Thursday, PM Narendra Modi has requested to all organizations not to deduct the salaries of their employees under the existing situations. We could expect that other Smartphone manufacturing companies can also halt their production within their plants across the country so that spreading of the COVID-19 could be stopped. We are also waiting for the shutdown statements from other organizations, and we will surely update the article when we get the news from them

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