Latest Updates Of Samsung’s Blood Pressure Measurement

The active watch of Samsung’s galaxy has come up with some new features. Samsung prefers to have some of the health monitoring features on its watch. And it has passed the clearance from the food and drug safety of South Korea’s ministry.


The active watch 2 of Samsung galaxy will soon get the capabilities to monitor the blood pressure. The app will be using the heart rate sensor that is photoplethysmography on the watch. For obtaining the correct rate of the blood pressure, the app has the feature that can access electrocardiogram via electrodes.

How does it work?

The health monitoring app has pulse wave analysis for tracking the heart rate sensors by that it can measure the blood pressure. Further, the program has the capability of analyzing the link between blood pressure and the calibration value for displaying the right blood pressure value.

How to set-it up?

According to the latest updates, the Samsung active watch users can download the My BP lab in the mid of the march. This app would be available on the Google play store and can it would directly be displayed on the watch.

Furthermore, Samsung has taken led over Apple by developing the blood pressure development feature.

The reason behind the brought up of this program

Majority of the old-age who is suffering from blood pressure nowadays. Even some of the middle-age people also have to visit the hospital for a regular check-up. Hence, tracking of the blood pressure besides going to the hospital and that too with the easy wearable is the big deal.

Blood pressure is linked with many of the disorders in the body such as heart disease, kidney disorders, stroke, and much more. Hence, looking after the blood pressure is one’s priority. So, various companies such as Alphabet, Apple, and Samsung are looking after to develop the program that can measure blood pressure at any time, anywhere.

And so, Samsung has brought that essential programing in the watch as well as Android applications.

Bottom line-

Hence, the above was the latest update of Samsung blood pressure measurement watch. Upgrade your fitness with the help of this watch. 

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