Laser Pecker Pro-The Most Advanced Portable Engraver

Gifts, a special way to express your emotions, feelings….a way to get connected with someone you care. Now-a-days, we get so creative with our ideas and gifts that we don’t want to leave anything to chance. Laser pecker is one such device which helps us to emboss and create that personalized touch to the gifts. Customizing your gifts as per your taste can be a daunting task, as it requires time, money and effort to find the right person who can do it perfectly. If not perfect then what is the use for personalising the gift.

Laser Pecker has been constructed with the idea of personalizing your feelings for the person you care without having to fret and fume. It is simple to use and is very artistic. You can emboss your creation on anything….literally anything. Be it paper board, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, rubber, sponge sheet, jewellery, stone and also food items. You name it and they can do it. Cool isn’t it!!

It is portable, compact and very light, so just carry it where ever you go. It can be charged with power bank. It supports file formats JPG, BMP, PNG, G-CODE, PHOTO and VECTOR. It is safe and easy to use an engraver. It comes with a cool app which gives the user freedom to customize the design, upload pictures or create new patterns.

It comes with auto focussing support stand that has built in sensors which calculate the distance between laser generator and the target and adjusts automatically. It comes with a preview mode which shows the user the trajectory it would take and once confirmed, just press the button and engrave it in. It is durable and safe and comes with various safety features and certifications.

Best way to customize your gifts and make someone feel special. It is a season for love, make people whom you care, fall in love with you with this Laser Pecker device.

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