Night Driving Safety Assistant from Lanmodo, the Must-have Car Gadget 2019

Driving at night is very different than driving during the day, mainly because of the lighting difference. The challenges faced by drivers at night are more grieve and dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of road fatalities increases three times at night as compared to the day. Night driving safety is a serious issue that calls for everyone’s concern. Each one should take the necessary steps and follow the rules to protect oneself and others too.

Challenges of night driving

  • Low Light- As opposed to the day time, where there is sufficient lighting to assist the driver, night driving is completely opposite. There is darkness all over the place, and the street lights are many times not sufficient enough. Poorly lit road makes it difficult for the drivers to know what lied ahead, thus increasing the chances of an accident.
  • Headlight Glare – All the drivers, at night are affected by the glare of the headlight, building or signboards. The headlight of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction affects the vision of the driver, making it difficult for him to see the road.
  • Reduced visibility- This can be one of the most serious challenges faced by drivers while driving at night. The driver’s vision is limited to the illumination of the car’s headlight. Over and above this, the advantage of contrast and color is not present due to darkness.

At times there is a possible danger due to drunken driving too. This not only risks the life of the drivers but can be fatal for other travelers too.

How Lanmodo Vast became my night driving safety assistant?

The challenges of night driving are fatal and hence it is important to find solutions to overcome them. Since I travel frequently at night, I was extremely concerned about road safety.  On a road trip with one of my friends, I came across a camera installed in her car. When I probed further, she informed me about the Lanmodo Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision System.

After hearing its functioning, I got curious and started researching about the product. And what I learned was amazing. The device does a wonderful job by providing a high-quality image and guiding the driver, making the journey a safe one.

The device uses a front-facing camera along with a smart image processor in order to provide enhanced visibility for night driving. Lanmodo vast night vision provides a colored image of the road. This improves the detailing of the image drastically. Thus, the driver can easily see the hazard that lies ahead.

This product is an absolute must-have for all those who are night travelers. Installing this device in your vehicles is one of the best ways to enhance road safety, especially on bad weathers, and at nights too.

Key features of Lanmodo Vast

  • The Lanmodo night vision shows a full-color image and reflects the real situation.
  • It displays 1080P full HD resolution image and has better visual effects.
  • The Lanmodo vast has an 8.2” IPS screen which is extremely soft to the eyes.
  • The device has 36 degrees wide-angle vision which provides a broader picture of the road.
  • The vision distance extends up to 300m, which enables the drivers to know the road situation well in advance.
  • The Lanmodo Vast also has a rearview camera with a 170-degree wide angle, displaying the image in 720P.

With all these powerful features, Lanmodo Vast night vision system provides guidance while driving at night. It is one of the best night vision gadgets and instantly found a place in my car.

Lanmodo Vast VS other night vision devices

Lanmodo night vision device differs from the rest of the products in a number of ways. It has some superior features, which may not be found in other devices.

  • Lanmodo vast provides a full-color image while other devices in the market are capable of producing black and white images only.
  • Also, the resolution of other night vision products is on the lower side, while Lanmodo Vast provides 1080P resolution image.
  • While Lanmodo vast provides a 36 degrees wide angle, other vision devices may provide 18/30 degree angle, which is far lesser.
  • The installation of Lanmodo vast is very easy and can be done on your own. But in case of other devices, you may have to visit an auto shop.
  • The Lanmodo vast night vision can be used with 99% of the car models. However, other devices are designed for specific car models.
  • There is a vast difference when it comes to the pricing of night vision devices. The Lanmodo night vision costs around $499-$599, whereas the other night vision products may cost as high as $2000-$2500.

Why Lanmodo Vast is a must-have car gadget in 2019?

The whole idea behind the Lanmodo 1080p night vision system is very appealing. The device makes use of basic technology in a very smart way. So much so that it can save hundreds of life by preventing accidents caused due to low visibility.

The device consists of a camera which is the source of the image. The camera is capable of producing an image which is beyond the capacity of the car’s headlight. The camera not only brings the objects closer, but it also improves the overall visibility in the image.

This night system is here to offer you an extensive vision system with better performance when it comes to a safe night driving experience. This night vision system is also capable of assisting you on rainy days and under foggy weather conditions.

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