Know your Food Spoiling through your Gadget

need to develop alchohol free, free sodium hydroxside free transparent soap which is within the ph value of 5.5 – 6.00 .this must be done using virgin coconut oil,stearic acid, sodium laural eather sulphate, NaOH mono prpalin glycol,glycerin and water coloring fragrance. out come should be glass clear transparent soap with apprximately 80 hardness. virgin coconut oil should not suject to more than 75 c temparature which may lead to destroy it’s special chemical properties. it is beter if the ultimate product consist 0.5 to 1. %unsaphonified virgin coconut oil.

if it is dificult to use above ingredients
use other ingredients, but out come should be
glass clear transparent soap
PH 5.5 to 6
free NaOH =0
Free virgin coconut oil 0.5 % – 1%
hardnedd more that 80
special propoties of VCO should be retain in the final product.
stability – withsand atmosphearic temp up to 40 C

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