KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect: An all-in-one Meal Maker

For all those who are passionate about home cooking and love to spend their time in kitchen, KitchenAid has come up with a groundbreaking innovation – the Cook Processor Connect, an all-in-one appliance. You can prepare great tasting, home-made meals by using several functions of this unique appliance such as boiling, frying, stewing, kneading, chopping, whipping, and so on….

Whether you are a beginner or at advanced level in cooking meals, no worries……you can now prepare delicious meals using the Cook Processor which has all the features to decrease your cooking and cleanup time. It also offers you simplified multistep recipes which you can use to create great tasting meals at home and enjoy with your family and loved ones. It can be of great assistance when you need to cook meals for a party or get-togethers as you can perform multiple activities using a single appliance with great ease. It empowers you and at the same time gives you immense pleasure to explore and innovate in your own kitchen by creating meals of your choice and taste.

Design and Features:

The cook Processor Connect features die-cast metal construction within the stainless-steel cooking bowl. It comes in two color options: Candy Apple Red and Crinkle Black. It comes with dishwasher safe bowl, lid, and accessories, for easy cleanup.

The cook Processor Connect has the following attachments to perform multiple functions:

1. StirAssist

2. Multiblade

3. Doughblade

4. Eggwhip

5. Mini bowl and Mini blade

6. Inner steamer basket

7. Steamer Lid, Upper and Lower Steamer Baskets

8. Cooking Bowl (4.5L)

9. Integrated Ingredient Scale 

So friends, if you take cooking seriously and don’t mind to spend some bucks on quality meal makers, welcome to the world of creative one-touch cooking with the versatile and an intelligent KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect, which is not far from revolutionizing your kitchen and fulfilling your passions.

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