KIKI The Robot – Meet Your Best Friend!!

Quite often we go through the phase of life when we feel gloomy, lonely, and wish we had a pet robot as a companion who can understand us and instantly drive away our blues. I think the time has finally arrived when we’ll be able to have that lovely companionship soon. Kiki, the AI-powered pet robot with giant anime eyes and cat ears, looks like Eva from the movie “Wall-E” was recently launched in the CES 2019. The robot was created by Zoetic, a company based in Santa Clara, California.

Kiki learns human behavior and emotions over time to respond accordingly. It has an adorable face and there is an inbuilt camera in its nose to recognize the environment and people. It locks onto your face and can easily track a person by moving its head. It can identify your mood by your body language and can cheer you up by dancing, singing if you are upset or sad. It looks so cute while doing all this that you can’t stop smiling.

Kiki has a unique feature of adapting to its owner’s personality. If its owner is affectionate, it’ll be friendly and play with it more, however it’ll isolate itself in case the owner has an independent personality.

Another point is that Kiki needs to be fed, despite being a robot!! Oh yes you heard it right….but you don’t have to feed it by can simply do this by drawing common food items in an accompanying app.

There are three main reasons which make Kiki so cool yet adorable.

Kiki is delightful. You will have unlimited fun with Kiki and it will surprise you at each moment you make an eye contact with it. Kiki is Conscious and inquisitive. It explores the world through the sense of sight, hearing, and touch. Kiki loves hugging, petting, and cuddling. Kiki is unique. It can shape into whichever way you wish to. It will become your ultimate companion if you take care, love and treasure it.

So next time you feel sad and lonely, just close your eyes and cherish happy moments with Kiki, the Robot…oh no. Kiki, your Best Friend! It will visit you soon and will remain with you forever in your hearts…..

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