Kello your personal sleep trainer

Tired of work or not getting enough sleep, then Kello can help you, it is a personal sleep trainer which helps a user to improve their sleeping pattern.A user just needs to choose a pattern and Kello will decide the rest- by using simple and scientifically proven methods. It also helps you to wake up early without the struggle.

It is a simple alarm clock with advanced features, it allows you to set your favourite song as alarm, limit the no. of times snooze button be used in a week, can be connected to smartphone and can also be used to turn off lights using IFTTT.Read More: Kello

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One thought on “Kello your personal sleep trainer

  • September 24, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    It sounds good – but not clear what is the process of changing sleep pattern – I do not want to read the whole article – I should be able to get it quickly – else what is the point of coming to boring portal.


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