Kawamboo – The eco-friendly bamboo coffee maker

Coffee Anyone??

Early morning, a perfect cup of coffee, can always enlighten and enrich your day. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is heavenly. To me, the smell of coffee is very inviting. I need my daily dose to keep me on my toes. It helps me to feel rejuvenated and energetic. With every sip I take, it feels heavenly. Especially, in winters, it becomes my favorite drink as with every sip, I feel the heat surge through my body, warming me from my head to the toes. So, I also keep looking out for portable and handy devices which can help me make that perfect cuppa when I am traveling.

This article is very helpful to Coffee lovers like me, who would go to any length to get that perfect cup of heavenly drink even while on the go …..Kaboom!!….No it’s Kawamboo, dear, I am talking about.

First, of its kind, this is made from authentic bamboo; for people who love to be a part of nature. This coffee press design is totally organic, thus taking you closer to Mother Nature. Bamboo is eco-friendly and they can grow 4 ft a day and attain full maturity in 2 years. It is antibacterial as it doesn’t need any fertilizers.

Kawamboo is simple to use. Just pour hot water, add coffee, hand press and serve. It is easy to take it apart and clean too. It is naturally waterproof. The sleek and timeless design makes it visually more appealing where ever you place it. Bamboo gives a better protection for glass and also it is eco-friendly.


Capacity – 350 ml

Dimensions – 80x113x200 mm

Material – Bamboo, stainless steel, glass

Weight – 335 gm

Eco-friendly packaging: Stylish and elegant design gels with modern day kitchen setting. What are you waiting for? ORDER one NOW, for that perfect cup of hot coffee!!

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