Katchy Insect Trap

Are you one of those who instead of enjoying the rain dread the thought of having mosquitoes and flies all over the house? Do you spend hours in trying innovative ways to keep the insects away from your home? Do you dread these insect kingdoms because they bring home vector-borne diseases? If you are looking for a solution for all the above problems, then Katchy Insect Trap is “THE ULTIMATE” solution to all your problems.

Katchy Insect Trap lures, suck and trap the insects. The UV light lures the insects that are above the suction fan, so once the insect comes towards the UV Light the suction fan will suck the tiniest of bugs inside the container and the super sticky glue board ensures they stick and there be no room for escape. As simple as that…no zipping-zapping around the room with electric racquets or no toxic, obnoxious smelling mosquito repellent, which half of the times don’t even work. It is safe for babies, small children, and pets. No odor or toxic fumes. The triple trapping power ensures that you have a bug free home always.

Katchy’s sleek and elegant design fits in modern homes without having to fret about the placement. The trap is easy to assemble and clean. Just with a button press, you can activate the insect trap and simply by throwing the used and installing a new sticky board you can clean the insect trap….so simple!!

Go for a “Bug Free Home”, Go for “Katchy Insect Trap”.

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