Is your Home Old Age Proof: –

House is an investment that we do when we are young, that time we are super charged up and super fit and we can take up any types of houses. Be it single storey, or double with stairs or high shelves to increase the storage space. We simply don’t bother. We are young and we feel everything is accessible easily and we don’t care about the floors whether they are anti-skid or not or the switches where they are placed or bedrooms being elderly friendly.

But now that we are living in an age where technology is touted as major solution to most of our problems. So, in this article I would be discussing few devices that we can install to make it old age friendly: –

1.Smart Lights

When we are young, we don’t think much about switching on and switching off the light. We can get up and quickly get it done. But when we age every time we need to get up to turn on or turn off the light it is pain in the butt 😉 or I should say pain in the knee. Smart lights are built with the purpose that you can control the lights with touch of your finger and you don’t have to get up every time to turn off or turn on the lights. Sengled smart lights can be easily controlled with Sengled Smart App which iOS and Android compatible. You can control the lighting also with Sengled Smart Light.

2.Smart Locks

When we are young, we hardly care about the safety but safety of elderly people is always a concern. Smart Locks helps us to record data and secure our houses from the miscreants, thus keeping us safe. August Smart Lock Pro, is easy to install. It supports Bluetooth, Wifi and Z-wave. It gives temporary and permanent access with a simple touch and you don’t have to worry about the lock and key anymore.

3.Smart Finger

Well your finger might not be that smart now to control the gadgets but surely this device makes your finger smarter. Just by lifting your finger you can control your home devices. Control the temperature, Control your TV, Control any device that is smart 😊. With Singlecue, you don’t need any remote. Say Bye-Bye to all your remotes and Hello to Single Cue. This device helps you to connect with your devices with just wave of your finger.

4.Smart Wheel Chair

With old age we tend to come up with number of problems which restrict our movements. But not anymore. With Smart Wheel Chair your motions would not be restricted anywhere inside or outside the house. The main problem with the wheel chairs is the restricted mobility. You are restricted to one portion of your house and you can’t climb stairs. But with this Smart Wheel Chair you can climb stairs of your house and also outside without having tension of falling down. It helps you to conquer any terrain.

5.Smart Fridge

With aging our knees start to crack and pop and each time we get up it is like a nightmare. Smart Fridge by Panasonic would itself come to you and make your life better. No need to get up each time you are eating your dinner, lunch or supper.

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