Is it True that 5G is Causing Virus to Mutate?

The coronavirus is a novel virus and not much about it is still known even to medical professionals and scientists. It has become a deadly virus all across the globe and it started in China which has traditionally been viewed as one of the most secretive places on the planet. Lack of information and mistrust towards China has lead to people wanting to know more about how this virus started and how it is mutating all across the world. One of the theories or myths is that 5G is causing the virus to mutate. This is not true according to many credible scientists all over the world.

5G and Coronavirus

There has been a debunked conspiracy that has been moving around which says that 5G is the cause of the coronavirus to spread and mutate. 5G is a mobile communications technology that is the next generation of cellular networks and makes mobile communication faster and more efficient. The lie that coronavirus is caused, mutated, and spread because of the new 5G mobile technology has been a myth that has caused some people to burn 5G towers around the world.

No Connection between 5G and Coronavirus

The conspiracy theory is that the radio waves that are used to send 5G signals cause coronavirus. The myth suggests that the 5G technology suppresses the immune system and the virus transmits through this technology. Both these claims have been debunked by scientists all over the world. The radio waves in 5G have a lower frequency than even microwaves and it is impossible for 5G to transmit the virus. Though this virus originated in Wuhan in China where 5G was being deployed, it is spreading and mutating in cities and towns all across the world where 5G is not currently being used for cellular networks.

Right now the only accurate information is that the virus started in China, spread from one infected person to another and spread throughout the world in the months following the outbreak. But as there is limited information about the virus and scientists are yet to study the exact nature and long term impact of the virus, these conspiracy theories like 5G makes the virus mutate are being peddled and believed all over the world.


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