iRobot Looj 330 – Gutter Cleaning Robot

Everybody detests cleaning gutters. Nobody would like to put their hands in the garbage to clean the filth.

With the advancement of technology, we have come up with some unique products, one such innovative product is iRobot, a gutter cleaning robot. It is 2 inches high and 3 inches wide. It is compact and comes with a simple button operation mode.

It makes the rain gutters which get clogged with dry leaves easier to clean by blowing out the leaves. Thus, it makes the cumbersome task very easy for us, as we don’t have to constantly climb up and down the ladder. Also, it helps you to skip the dangerous places. It comes in two modes, auto, and manual. The round piece in front is called breaker which helps to break the clogs, then the ejectors are integrated with two rubber flaps that guide the debris through the gutter, the fourth piece is called scrapper that scrapes the pieces from the bottom of the gutter.

It is a wise option for cleaning your gutter debris, but you still require climbing the ladder to remove heavy objects but the number of times to climb would be cut down drastically. It also tends to flip over very often so you also need to set it right. This device comes with a price of ($300), so if you are spending too much time in cleaning your gutter then probably this is your ideal buy.

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