iPhone vs Samsung which is better?

Our way of connecting and communicating with people has evolved over the centuries. The technology has evolved and so have phones. Over the last forty years how we perceive things has also changed. The change is in terms of appearance or usefulness. With passing years there has been a major shift in the way the mobile has developed, we can compare it making the transition from the caveman era to rocket science era. In today’s scenario, it is very hard to imagine our life without this wireless device.

Now people are being loyal towards their favourite brands….and going with the features and functionalities these brands are expensive. Every brand is wooing the customers based on the features and new functionalities. The race is very maddening and people are flocking in to buy the brand of their choice. The brand coming out with a feature and people willing to shell out extra cash to call it their own.

This article is all about iPhone and Samsung comparison. Apple unveiled iPhone 11 which is a sheer beauty if you are an Apple fan and don’t worry about that pinch in the pocket. It is a bit highly-priced. If you ask me to compare let me put the similarities first. Both have a triple-lens camera, can capture wide-angled pictures with wider field view. Now, this is a similarity, but this has a major difference hidden in it. Samsung comes with a 123-degree field of view the Apple comes with 120 degrees. Samsung Galaxy has a 16 megapixel sensor whereas Apple iPhone has 12 megapixels.

When we talk about videos then both can shoot 4K video up to 60 frames per second. Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1 inch screen which is slightly bigger than the Apple iPhone 11, which is at the 5.8-inch display. Samsung Galaxy gives a visually brighter and bolder color compared to Apple iPhone.

iPhone 11 is heavier than Samsung Galaxy S10.  iPhone 11 comes with 3 storage options, whereas Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with 2 storage options.

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with few extra features like in-display fingerprint sensor, even when the display is off then also you can still view the time and battery life. It also comes with reverse wireless charging. The best part is the cost. Samsung Galaxy S10 is priced at $899 whereas Apple iPhone 11 is priced at $1000, which is quite exorbitant.

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