iPhone 9 – When Will The New Apple Smartphone Be Launched in 2020?

iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the world. The Apple iPhones are sold all over the world every year as the new upgraded versions of the smartphones keep launching almost every year. iPhones are designed and created by Apple in the United States but the production takes place globally and China is a major manufacturing ally of Apple. There have been rumors of the launch of the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2 in March 2020 but now this launch seems to have been delayed for some time.

Current Rumors about the Launch

There are many rumors from “industry insiders” about the launch of this new iPhone. There were reports that the iPhone has entered the final stage of engineering validation in China which means that it is close to its launch date. Many iPhone enthusiasts all over the world follow the rumors and news about the iPhone diligently and usually stand in line on the release date to buy their new Apple iPhone. However, the iPhone customer will have to wait for a while for the smartphone to be launched as there are new reports about a delay in the release or launch date of the product in the global market.


Over the last few months, the world is fighting a growing global problem of the coronavirus which is a respiratory virus that has impacted countries all over the world. It started in China which is the manufacturing hub of Apple and most of the Chinese manufacturing has either slowed down or stopped completely in the most badly affected provinces. The Novel Coronavirus is a persisting problem globally which will be a problem for the global economy in the near future. There are reports that the launch date of the new iPhone is going to be in the second quarter of 2020.

The Novel Coronavirus has resulted in many factories in China and other countries around the world to shut down or slow down production. Consumer confidence has also suffered a hit as many countries are advising social distancing and commercial establishments are seeing a drop in sales and the economy globally is expected to take a hit. Apple has to time its launch very well in this situation for it to be successful.

Production Delays in Apple

The production delays for key components and parts of the smartphone are expected and there are even shortages in replacement units and repair parts. Apple has assessed the situation and the reports are that the production will likely be ramped up in April 2020. In two to four weeks there might be an uptake in the production levels for Apple products which means that the iPhone can be then launched into the market.

It is a wait and watch game at this point as the problems with commercial activity and production all over the world because of the Coronavirus are likely to continue in the near future. There is a lot of uncertainty in the market right now and the likely launch date of the iPhone 9 is probably weeks if not months away.

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