Inyx Bed World’s most advanced bed

Innovation with the subject “Bed” has been exploited to the point that we can’t even think of appending any more of creativity into it. Then how come this article is unique as per our Boring Portal claims. Well, as you go through this article you would be intrigued by the whole new dimension that comes with a simple subject like “BED”. In today’s world, creativity knows no bounds. We have pushed our boundaries of creativity to an extent that as humans we can achieve the impossible. One such product that I would be apprising you of is Inyx Bed, it is more than just a bed.

It can be contemplated as the world’s most advanced bed. The unique thing about this bed is that it transforms into a movie theatre. If you are a movie buff and love to watch movies in the lap of luxury and comfort, what is more, comfortable than your own bed. Inyx Bed transforms into a movie theatre and it has a retractable screen which will slide in whenever you would like to watch movies. Also, it is integrated with a surround sound system which would give you a theatre-like a feel.

It also is integrated with retractable blinds for privacy. The ceiling of the bed is adorned with lights to give it a starry feeling. It is equipped with cup holders to enjoy your drinks while you watch your favorite movie. It is also equipped with an aroma dispenser for that fresh smell throughout. All this creativity and technology comes with a price.  Go for it.

Inyx Bed World’s most advanced bed

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