International Innovation

International Innovation is a research-based organization based in New Jersey, the USA led by award-winning author and professor Sanjeev Sharma. Sanjeev Sharma is an alumnus of Columbia Business School, New York and has taught finance and business innovation at many leading business schools in India and USA. The research team of International Innovation has many unique contributions:

  1. 5 Core Methods of Innovation: The book written by Sanjeev Sharma explains the difference between fundamental research and innovation and explains that all great innovations are done by only 5 core frameworks of innovation. These 5 frameworks could be utilized in any field to generate new great products.
  2. Led by our research team, this website identifies useful consumer-focused new innovative products and services. We also help startup companies in many ways via consulting and digital promotions.
  3. Elections Forecast: Led by Sanjeev Sharma, International innovation has repeatedly forecasted election results accurately for many years. We forecasted that Donald Trump would win in 2016 and that Narendra Modi would win in 2019 using unique techniques.
  4. Stock Market Forecast: Sanjeev Sharma utilized machine learning to create a formula to predict the stock market accurately. He has been using his methodology to predict the stock market accurately since 2009 on SeekingAlpha, a website popular at wall street for stock investing.  He also publicly disclosed the formula in a 2014 article at SeekingAlpha. You may Google β€˜is there a formula to predict the Dow in 2014’ to see his machine learning-based formula. For 2019 prediction, you may Google β€˜S&P 500 to cross 3100 in 2019’.

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