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Human mind’s curiosity and thirst for research will last for eternity. The same are responsible for zillions of inventions and innovations in the last century. We have everything in our palms today still we are not satisfied with what we have. Smart phones compounded with latest technologies, Smart watches from the big brands like Apple, Samsung and other companies have driven the millennials insane but they need more. What are we talking about now?

Ear plugs, head phones and ear buds transformed from very huge sized versions to very cute and compact versions today. Wireless gadgets have a lot of benefits to us. We need not hold our phones or any music devices while using them and we can also indulge in other tasks simultaneously. We can talk of three popular brands that came up with really impressive wireless ear buds. They are from Sony, Samsung and Skullcandy.

Your very own favorite brand Sony introduced Smart Touch Control Earbuds. They have:

  • Touch Sensor Controls – Change songs, adjust volume , answer calls all with simple touch controls on left and right ear buds
  • 30 Hours playtime – Each earbud can play up to 6 hours on a single charge. Charging case gives up to 5 full charges
  • Google Assistant / Siri Enabled
  • Easy Auto Pairing – Both earbuds connect automatically with each other
  • HD Bass – 6mm micro Neodymium speaker driver with titanium coating that provide deep bass along with clear vocals.
  • Built-in Mic – Stereo calling from both earbuds
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices – ios / android

Galaxy Buds:

You can pair Samsung Galaxy Buds with your phone or tablet. You can listen to music and chat during the day. You can charge them wirelessly for 15 minutes to gain around 1.7 more hours of play time. With sound by AKG, Galaxy Buds can assist you in delivering calls, podcasts and your favorite music while you can still carry out your other tasks like walking, cooking, working or exercising.

  • Quick pairing out of the box
  • Fuller sound to get you really moving
  • Pocketable slim design on the go

We have the following impressive entrants from Skullcandy:          

  • Crusher ANC Wireless – NEW
  • True Wireless. Indy True Wireless – NEW. Sesh True Wireless – NEW
  • Soft Good. Redemption

These wireless earbuds have built-in mic. You can have your calls and listen to music through these Bluetooth buds with the remote featuring call, track and volume control. Thirty feet of cord-free Bluetooth allows you do everything without reaching for your phone.

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