Since ages, human beings have been trying eternally to invent things to make their lives better. We evolved from the stages of using stones to spark a fire to landing on Moon and Mars, till date. The more we invent our hearts always for more.

Most of us love eating fresh food served hot but it is not always possible to have the way we desire. For the past many years, 20th and 21st-century people have been using electric appliances like electric cookers, microwaves, ovens, etc., to warm the food instantly and consume when needed. But they are not that great to use as they may result in some health concerns.

We have a new entrant in warming food. It is a stainless-steel cooking pot based on a traditional Japanese design that has a double-wall construction to create a vacuum that insulates the contents to keep the food warm for longer durations.

The Maho Nabé pot achieves precise heat control and a long-lasting internal temperature. This became possible due to its innovative double-walled structure, which improves thermal insulation. Unlike other vacuum pans, there is no separate outer container so the pot itself can be heated on an open flame.

It is produced by the Tiger Corporation from Japan, which is an established manufacturer of vacuum flasks and consumer electronics including kettles and rice cookers. Many advantages of the design are that it requires less energy because it warms up quicker than conventional pans and retains a high temperature for longer. This means the pan can also be used for residual cooking and preserves nutrients often lost when ingredients are overcooked. This definitely a magician’s magic. Go for it

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