Instahot Food Heater

Are you adventurous and love to camp, hike or roam into the wilderness to get the much-needed break? Well, then this article is just for you. While we sometimes love to hike but at the same time, we struggle to get hot food anytime, anywhere. It is very exacerbating when you crave for hot food but all you get is cold food. But with this device, you can heat up your food items. Also, prepare your food items when you are camping….surprise, surprise!!
It is an ideal device for all your outdoor activities like picnic, camping, trekking, etc. It is easy to use and lightweight. It is a flameless food heater which is compatible with ready to eat, dehydrated, home-cooked food and frozen. Because of its compact nature, it is easily portable and is able to serve you piping hot food in 10 minutes. Instahot uses a chemical composition of metal powder and oxides which generates heat energy by the exothermic reaction.

What are the benefits:-

  1. No need for electricity
  2. No need for boiling water
  3. No need for a stove
  4. No need for a microwave

6 easy steps:-

  1. Open the bag
  2. Insert the food pouch
  3. Pour water(70 ml)
  4. Fold and reseal
  5. A place for 10 minutes to heat
  6. Hot and delicious food is ready

Hassle-free and convenient to use. It is reasonably priced. It comes with 5 zip bags, 10 disposable plates, spoons, paper napkins, garbage bag, and a meal strap. Only downside here is the 5 zip bags, they are not reusable, so once you are out of the bags you need to buy new ones. 

What are you waiting for, your new camping friend for life….get one TODAY!!

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