Insta 360 One R|Modular Action Cam Is Both A GoPro And A 360 Cam

Click, pose and capture. Without this the world would be dull and memories would be lost. Life without camera is unimaginable. It helps us to capture our moments that we can not visit again but would love to cherish all the time. With the advancement in the world of technology the camera has also evolved. Photography doesn’t need any purpose. We as people would love to capture the moments we would never like to fade away. Camera has not only played a role in our personal lives but also in sustenance and development of print or social media.

Insta 360 one R

Over the years, there has been lot of advancements in the field of camera. Like this we have come up with so many cameras. This article I would be talking about Insta 360 one R. I personally like their model because you can swap out different pieces of it and can launch it as a new one. You can build your own camera of your choice.

This adaptive camera comes in different modules. You can build it into 360 camera or the traditional 4K one. So it is also labelled as “Twin Edition”.  IT comes with a battery base, the 360 mod, camera cord and wide angled 4K mod. It is a dual lens 360 mod. Camera cord has a touch screen on the back and using this we can use 4K mode, one inch sensor mod or 360 degree mod. It comes with USB-C cable and frame to mount the camera.

Insta 360 one R

It is a unique feature of Insta 360, one battery, one processor and lens of your choice. It made a giant leap in the field of camera where you can swap between three different lenses. The three different lenses that we talked about already are – 1-inch wide angled Mod, Dual Lens 360 Mod and 4K wide angled Mod. Just swap and start clicking.

It is a perfect gift for a person you love. Gift your love with a smile to capture using Insta 360 one R.

Video Source from Youtube Ben Claremont

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