Innovative Birthday Gifts for Kids

The relationship between child and parent is all about unconditional love. The way they look up to you, the way they make you feel loved…. showering you with all the love, it makes you feel so warm, so special. This birthday, surprise your daughter with some amazing, unique and out of the box gifts.

  • My First Fone S2

Every parent would like the security of their children and this gift is a perfect gift to keep a track of where they are. It is the new smartwatch for smarter kids. It helps to work together as a family, to be safe and under constant supervision. It is also a two-way communication. It helps us to locate where they are and sends an SOS immediately when your kids step out of the territory you have set for your kids.

  • Mella Alarm Clock

Kids are not time-bound and what good way to make them more time-efficient is by gifting them Mella Alarm Clock. It uses facial recognition and colors to teach the kids when it is time to be in bed and when to get up. Set the sleep time pattern and Mella will go to sleep the same time kids go to sleep and once the time is up it will wake up your kid with a smiley face and a green light to show that it is time to get up. Mella is also integrated with sound options, 5 color options, and 3 alarm options.

  • Esca’Pad in Madagascar

Kids love to read and explore and what best than doing it with books. This book not only enriches your vocabulary but also enhances your kid’s cognitive ability. It is for kids of age groups 6 to 9 years. With this augmented book it gives the kid to explore the world of Madagascar. It is a world between real and virtual. This book is available in French and English. It is a fun educational experience for the kids.

  • Dough Universe

Kids love to play with dough trying to make different things with it. This Dough making thing can actually take the imagination of the kid and support it with light, sound, and electricity. Create sculptures and shapes using this conductive dough and bring it to life with light and sound. It is a play-way method to teach kids about science.

  • Gululu Go

Making the kids drink water is an arduous task. But this water bottle ensures that your kids stay hydrated all the time by consuming the right amount of water the whole day. It is durable, safe, waterproof and spill-proof. It comes with 2 features the “School Mode” and the “Sleep Mode”. You need to select age and weight and based on that it would let you know how much water intake is good for your kid. It is a perfect gift for your kid.

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