India’s answer to Domino’s pizza is a Biryani Chain

Biryani was not an integral part of Indians’ kitchens prior to the 15th Century. It was introduced to the Sub-Continent in 1500 AD from Iran. Biryani flourished as it was found to be quick and easy to make for soldiers who were on the go always. Fast forward, you don’t see any menu without a biryani ranging from a lavish Buffet to a humble homely meal in a small home. The cravings for biryani are eternal.

Biryani is believed to be a complete meal fulfilling the appetite of any soul, as it is cooked with delicious basmati rice combined with various flavors, aromas and special spices from Kerala. The recipes vary for vegetarian variant and non-vegetarian versions. This popular delicacy was revolutionized by a brand called Biryani By Kilo (BBK) when it was launched in 2015 by Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal, who are the founders of this brand. Also, BBK uses world-class technologies, processes & systems to give the best quality, standardization, hygiene & convenience to customers and the ability to order online or through their call centre. BBK is eying at making BBK a premium Biryani Chain pan India and worldwide.

BBK focuses on the authentic taste of Hyderabadi (Kutchi) and Lucknowi (Pukki) Biryani prepared in individual earthen Handis with the freshest ingredients. BBK is the only Biryani Chain that makes Biryani fresh for every newl order, and delivers it in the Handi in which it is cooked. BBK prefers to pre-book the orders or they will deliver in 90 mins, as each Biryani order is cooked fresh for every individual order.

BBK is the best to satiate your taste buds. After the great success of the brand, Biryani By Kilo went to the next level after an amount of $5M was raised as a fund with IvyCap Ventures. The Chain has progressed by leaps and bounds. Way to Go!!!

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