Impossible Pork

Hey plant lovers what of I say eat like a non-vegetarian without having to think about animals….what did I say eating animal meat without having to think about them. Well, yes you heard me right!!

As we all know health is wealth. A healthy diet is good for our overall sustenance. The things we eat can influence our overall health. A healthy life is happy life. But when we consume more of animal meat it shows on our health as LDL which is not good for us. Study shows that plant fat is good for our health. We should eat well, exercise well and be positive for a healthy body and mind.

Eating meat is good as they are good source of protein but some meats like pork is high on saturated fats which increases the cholesterol level. So, when we think of technology and science in the field of our daily lives how can we ostracize them from our eatables. Well, the scientists of Impossible Food brand has come out with a Pork which is not derived from animal fat but from plant fat….What!!!

Well, I can see that you are all dazed out with this statement. I mean you might have thought that probably they would be home grown and blah blah stuff…but pork out of plant simply impossible isn’t it!! Well that is what is the aim of this company which tries to make impossible possible.

In Impossible Food brand they toiled with the idea of how to get that taste and texture of meat from plant. This California based company came up with this idea of plating up pork which is 100% pig free. The taste of this plant fat really tastes like pork as per the tasters of CES2020. If this works out in terms of taste then surely it is a giant leap in the field of food industry.

Many pigs are being slaughtered just to satiate our taste buds. They are administered with antibiotics which is in turn not good for our health also. As per the Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Brand said that this kind of meat production from the plant would help to counter attack the bio-diversity meltdown and climate change.

The key ingredient is “Heme” which is rendering the texture of meat. Heme is a protein cultivated from the soyabean roots. Science and Heme is what is into the making of Pork which is not animal fat. Surely it is a very innovative approach and certainly a unique way of preserving environment.

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