How to save the Planet from Carbon emissions?

22 years have passed since Kyoto Protocol was signed and ratified by 192 countries and was rejected by USA, Sudan and Afghanistan on 11th December, 1997. All those nations have agreed to fight the climate change but only modest changes could be noticed on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

Understand and take the next steps of the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, rot, recycle:  You can combat climate change with zero waste. This is a great way to deal with the problem. Also, follow these:

  • Ride more and drive less. Shift to carpooling, public transport and ride bicycles to nearby locations. This can help in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Water scarcity is gripping the world slowly. Conserve water by saving rain water and by using recycled water for washing utensils and clothes. We will witness water wars in the near future.
  • Fight against deforestation and save the planet as plants and trees play a great role in averting the climate changes
  • Start switching to sustainable energy. We have unlimited solar energy with us that can be used to run a lot of day to day activities for the mankind and the world
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and grains as livestock-meat and dairy products are one of the major reasons i.e., they are responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Excess food can be composted instead of trashing and that can be used for organic farming which can save the planet
  • Stop discarding clothes every year as the raw material for most of the fabrics made are imported from as far as China and other Asian countries, which leads to excessive burning of fossil fuels for transporting them
  • Curb the usage of plastic by switching to recycled bags or cloth bags or paper bags. Plastic did enough damage to the planet in the last 2 decades
  • Switch to LED bulbs and lights from incandescent lights as the LED ones consume less amount of power than the usual ones
  • Use laptops instead of desktops as laptops consume less power to run
  • Never buy more goods than needed as the excess purchased ends up in garbage bins thereby adding to the pollution and carbon emissions

All of us are equally responsible for whatever is happening to the planet where millions of species are endangered and fear extinction. If we don’t act now, our future generations will never forgive us. It is now or never.

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