How To Hire Data Scientists: Three Useful Instructions?

The data scientist is one of the most important profile in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) playing a key role in these innovative fields. Companies working into these fields are in hunt of proficient data scientist who can help machine learning or AI engineers to utilize the big data and develop a fully-functional model for real-life use.

Hiring good data scientists is challenging task for startups or smaller companies who are accounted into the leadership in AI and ML projects. Hence, if you are looking to appoint a well-qualified data scientist you can find the expert’s guidelines here below.

What Makes a Data Scientist?

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The role of a data scientist into machine learning is converging various subject expertise to extract the value out of data. Basically, a data scientist is like innovator who can integrate several areas knowledge and skills around the data and processing, algorithm and meaning.

The most important skill required to be a good data scientist is he should be expert in Maths and Statistics. As the entire AI and ML are built on the basis of a Mathematical model that are used to recognize the patterns and train the model with data sets.

However, apart from these key skills, as per the other experts, a data scientist also must be an expert in the data structure, processing, computational performance, and programming, etc. He should be also must be a competent programmer and proficient in diverse computing programming languages and should have the deep knowledge to use the computers efficiently.

A math and computer science background data scientist can be a good machine learning researcher, as understanding algorithms used in AI development can help him to perform the best deal with certain challenges without facing issues at a crucial level.

How or Where to find Data Scientists?

Finding the right platform for hiring the data scientist is another challenging tasks, as such highly skilled and sophisticated scientists are difficult to find on this planet. Actually, this profile in new in this brand-new field and most of the works are still at progress level. And another reason is lots of in-house grown data scientists not carrying the sufficient skills required to work efficiently.

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Actually, data science has become the job category a few decades back and owing to lack of opportunities into this filed they didn’t get enough on-the-job training. So, having to go through the training process is more important to work in this filed. And the amount of knowledge discussed above indeed with some advanced degree in mathematics or statistics which is not common.

So, as per the experts hire a trained data scientist having the degree in the relevant fields like a master in data science, applied statistics or machine learning, etc. And if such candidate having the two or more degrees in multiple fields like masters or PhDs he should be preferred.

What To Look for in a Data Scientist

A candidate with a relevant degree can be a good option as individuals talent can differ significantly even if they went through the same program and evaluating those candidates without having a degree is even more challenging task.

A data scientist with a relevant degree it would be an opportunity for the candidate to utilize the skills and knowledge practically in the real-life. Actually, a candidate with the relevant knowledge has the ability to solve the problems with extended-knowledge which means the ability to use the knowledge with the brain and can be acquired reasonably quickly.

Apart from this, data scientists must be coordinate with machine learning engineers to analyze and utilize the big data and make it usable in machine learning algorithms. He also needs to participate in model development and validation process that also helps him to analyze the types and quality of data sets useful in developing such models.

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