How to create Authentic Comedy?

Mankind continues to search for ways to stay happy and to make merry as much as possible but how many of us understand the difference between laughter and happiness?

What is real comedy? Taking a dig at someone or a race or a concept or a system?

Let us today study what is true comedy? Who is good at it? Can that be achieved without degrading oneself to using a person or a culture as the butt of your comedy?

We laugh when we notice situations that are unusual in our day to day lives, professional environment and anywhere in the world. Happiness and comedy may not go hand in hand but comedy can make people happy, can cheer up distressed souls and make life merrier than before.

Comedy is considered a rare ingredient as it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Let us understand the differences between healthy comedy and embarrassing comedy.

  • Reacting to a situation and deriving fun out of it is spontaneous comedy which also can be called as humor
  • Humor involving personal comical incidents or situations refer to anecdotal comedy
  • Humor derived by taking a dig at some people or societal conditions is satirical comedy
  • Dark comedy is the outcome of referring to unfortunate or pessimistic outlook
  • Witty humor referring to epigrams is epigrammatic comedy
  • Humor reflecting on cultured and sophisticated themes is highbrow comedy
  • Extravagant exaggeration of a situation to derive fun is hyperbolic comedy
  • Ironic comedy refers to the expressions or statements which mean the opposite of what is intended

There are many more comical connotations which can explain to us a lot about comedy in real sense. In the contemporary times, healthy comedy is hardly seen or felt anywhere by anyone. Making someone the butt of jokes has become a regular scenario. Likewise speaking insensitively by using unparliamentarily language to cut jokes has become very common. These scenarios only disgust cultured people instead of bringing fun.

All human beings exercise the freedom to have fun but it can be respected and encouraged only if it brings value to a cause or a situation. Most of the famous comedians today unanimously agree that the true meaning of comedy was lost a long ago and that they themselves are finding it difficult to join instances where they are embarrassed or they embarrass someone in the process of deriving comedy.

It is ideal to originate humor or comedy from instances that can be accepted by people from all quarters and different age groups. As laughter also is an important emotion of human life, one should respect it and don’t misuse it or misplace it.

Let us create comedy that can appeal to all sections of a society.

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